34 3D Box Single Line Kite For Beginners Kids
34 3D Box Single Line Kite For Beginners Kids
34 3D Box Single Line Kite For Beginners Kids

34" 3D Box Single Line Kite For Beginners Kids

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34" / 85CM Traditional 3D Box Single Line Kite

9KMBOX KITE: Adding a unique twist to regular flying toys, our box nylon kite is extremely fun and enjoyable. Featuring fiberglass airframe and 4 to 20 mph wind range.

FUN STYLE: Great for boys & girls, our products offer superior performance that redefine the kite-flying experience.

HIGH QUALITY: Featuring innovative designs in ready-to-fly configurations, our kites feature fiberglass construction, durable, Ripstop Nylon, in-flight animation & stable flight. Great for the beach or park.

This is a really Tradition Box Kite.While not enjoying quite as easy of a launch as a Delta kite, the Traditional Box kite requires only slightly heavier wind conditions to take-off, however it can easily stay afloat in stronger gusts than most 2-dimensional kites. And the added visual attraction of the 3D look can't be overestimated.

High performancein wide range of wind! Don’t miss it if you wanna a useful kite!

Bright color design will catch your eyes at the first time.

Fine workmanship weather resistance fabric don’t afraid windy and rainy, very durable.

Stronger fiberglass rodmakes your kite more safety, so it will fly steady.

Easy to assemble and fly, it will fly easy with light wind.

All ages can get fun from it! The box kite is design for you! Taking away this cool kite!